Flower Care Tips


Feed your Orchid every week by placing two large ice cubes on the root of the plant at the base of the leaves OR give the plant 1 cup of water weekly, but you must allow the water to drain before returning the pot to its container. If the container does not have drainage holes or it is in an arrangement use the ice method. Give more water in summer and during the heat.

Love your orchid by keeping it out of direct sunlight but in a sunny room. Cymbidians love a lot of sun but also prefer it to be cool. Phalaenopsis and Oncidiums love a sunny spot but prefer a moderate temperature.

Ensure that there is no draught or direct heat near your orchid. 

Top Tips for orchid longevity:

  • Always water in the morning
  • Do not water the leaves
  • Do not allow the roots to sit in water
  • Give your orchid plant food every  2-3 weeks
  • Petals damage easily so take care when handling

Cut Flowers

Place your cut blooms in a suitable container that best holds the size of the stems. Cut the stems if need be. Keep the water level at one third of the vase for single varietals and two thirds for mixed bunches by topping it up daily. Make sure there is no foliage in the water or on the stems in the water. 

Love your cut flowers by keeping them in a cool spot out of the direct sunlight. Ensure that there is no draught or direct heat from heats and air conditioners near your flowers.

Top Tips for cut flower longevity:

  • Cut the stems by at least 1cm every 4 days and every 3 days for roses
  • Maintain the water level in your vase for the specific arrangement and change the water every 2-3 days
  • Change the water in your vase every 2-3 days and keep it at
  • Limit the water level to ¼ of the vase for irises, tulips and other bulb flowers
  • Petals damage easily so take care when handling your blooms
  • Remove unhappy stems and flowers daily to make more room for the other flowers to bloom


Feed your succulent garden about 2 spoons of water every week for each small succulent in your container BUT always allow the soil to dry out in between watering. More water is required for larger plants and containers but make sure you do not flood the container. 

Love your succulents by placing them in a sunny spot. Leaves damage easily so take care when handing the plants. 

Top Tips for succulent longevity:

  • If your succulents are in a humid environment limit watering, succulents like dry air
  • If you see any bugs on your succulents there is too much water so hold back
  • Remove dead foliage from around the base of the plant
  • Be careful not to leave succulent garden containers outside in the rainy season as they will flood
  • Use a mister to spritz the succulents every couple of weeks.