Benefits of Plants in the Workplace April 5, 2016

Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

Adding plants to your office is something that benefits both physical and psychological behaviour and are evidenced by many scientific studies. The costs are also significant enough for any cost conscious business owner to sit up and take notice.

Here are just a few benefits of going green in your office:

- Reduces stress 
Plants are known to reduce tension, depression, anger and fatigue 

- Increases productivity
Cognitive tasks, focus and concentration are all improved as the air is purified 

- Increases creativity
The presence of plants remind our ancient instincts that food is around so we relax, calm down and can become happier and more creative people

- Reduces noise
Plants absorb some noise pollution

- Humidify the air
It is well known that plants reduce the dryness in the air, making you feel even better. I couldn't think of a better reason to get plants in the office before winter sets in

Let The FlowerChild transform your office into a thriving environment for employees and clients. Contact us to visit your space and suggest the best plants for your needs.

Life in bloom!