Get the year off to a blooming great start with a Flower Subscription Special! January 12, 2016

Get the year off to a blooming great start with a Flower Subscription Special!

Super Sweet 2016 is in full swing and The FlowerChild is here to ensure returning to work is a little easier! How can you not be inspired in your space when greeted by stylish arrangements of inspiring blooms smiling at you?

Brighten up your home or office with one of our unique SUBSCRIPTIONS - yes, you too can subscribe to flowers! Imagine receiving a variety of fresh, seasonal blooms, designed and delivered, to you by The FlowerChild. The arrangements, bouquets and posies are different each week as we useseasonal flowers to create interest and ensure you get a variety of bloomsand styles. 

Our modern-classic style is evident in each bouquet, posy or design as we useluxurious and interesting focal flowers and shy away from 'filler' flowersthat create bulk. We also use organic pieces like bark and twigs, tropical leaves, succulents and herbs to give the designs a unique edge.

You choose your frequency - weekly, monthly or every 2 weeks
Select your day of delivery - Monday for offices and Friday for homes

SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up for a 6 month weekly or bi-monthly MUSE (home or office) or WORKER-BEE (office) subscription, pay for the first 2 months upfront and receive the 7th subscription month for free.

That is a saving of up to R2500!!!!

Muse subscribers receive the following each week/2 weeks:

  • 1 x mixed bunch
  • 1 x bunch of single seasonal blooms
  • 1 x modern contemporary arrangement 

Subscriptions cost R500/delivery - weekly subscriptions cost R2000-2500/month and bi-monthly subscriptions cost R1000-1500/month depending on the number of weeks in the month.

Free delivery to the certain areas, see our delivery policy.

See the weekly 6 month Muse special here and save up to R2500!
See the bi-monthly 6 month Muse special here and save up to R1500!
See the weekly 6 month Worker-Bee special here and save R2000!
See the weekly 6 month Worker-Bee Bunch special here and save R1800!

Pay for the first 2 months upfront and receive your 7th subscription month free.
Offer valid until 29 February 2016. T's&C's apply.

The modern contemporary design is created in The FlowerChild's range of glassware and vases which will be collected with your next subscription delivery. 

To receive this subscription offer email 
or give us a call on 073 011 9269
or view the products on our online store

If you have something different in mind contact us directly to see how we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Life in bloom!