Versatile Varieties November 13, 2015

Versatile Varieties

King and queen proteas, kangaroo paw, amaryllis and godetia make up this weeks Muse subscription. We decided to split up the mixed bunch in our home into 3 different vases as proteas are such exquisite blooms in their own right, as well as in a bunch. 

Goditia flowers are pronounced go-day-sha. It sounds like they are trying to tell me I should go-day-spa, get the hint. These blooms hail from North America and bloom in spring from British Columbia to California but grow so well in the South Africa as they need a lot of sun and not a lot of water. They are known as the farewell to spring, which makes perfect sense as to why they came to the market this week - summer is in full swing and the heat is telling us all about it. We put the the godetia blooms in a large milk vase (see the first picture) as they look stunning on mass and it shows off their long, skinny stems. You too can get this gorgeous glassware off our website.

Enjoy this weeks Muse subscription and please send us a picture of your blooming amaryllis as they transform before you and we will send you a discount code to use on the online store to purchase your own glassware. 

Life in bloom!