Pin Cushion Power November 6, 2015

Pin Cushion Power

Pin cushion proteas shine their little hearts out like golden stars in the night. These glowing suns are indigenous to South Africa and grow happily in a number of different habitats from scrublands and forests to mountain slopes. If you have been in the Cape recently you would have seen them growing naturally all over the mountains.

The plants require a lot of sun, a bit of wind and some room around them for growing. They are brilliant in the garden as these water wise guys do not sap too much. This fynbos is part of the protea family and you can find over 50 different types around our country in shades of yellow, orange and red.

Be careful when handling them as not to behead one of these delicate stems, they come off so easily. If the head comes off, float it in a little water as I did last week in the chincherinchee arrangement (see previous post) to create something modern.

Life in bloom!

This weeks muse subscription includes:

- bright white mixed bunch with snow on the mountain, now in seasonĀ 

- seasonal pin cushions

- modern contemporary arrangement with peoniesĀ