The Wonder Flower - Chincherinchee October 30, 2015

The Wonder Flower - Chincherinchee

This week, subscribers will get to see these awkward bold stems transform into a bulb of glowing white joy! Wait and see how they change each day...

Us South Africans are familiar with these flowers better know as ‘tjenkenrientjee’or 'tjienks'. They are part of the Hyacinthaceae family, one of more than 20 Cape Flora families and can be found all through the Northern and Western Cape from Namaqualand to Caledon . The English 'chincherinchee' is the translation from the Afrikaans name.

Local is lekker, ne?

The Romans thought they were quite the whizz too...

Ornithogalum thyrsoides is their botanical name which is derived from the Greek words 'ornis' - bird and 'gala' - milk. Apparently the Romans used to say something was 'Bird's Milk' when it was quite wonderful. Big fan! Big fan!

Life in bloom!