Kingsmead Book Fair 2016 May 24, 2016

Kingsmead Book Fair 2016

Kingsmead College hosted their annual Book Fair this past weekend. The FlowerChild was delighted to be involved in beautifying the different venues with fresh flowers and orchids. The venues were all themed and we were given different briefs to work with for each room - what fun! Furniture and themes by House of Motani 

Room 1 
Inspiration: White Monochrome and Wood

We freshened the space with white monochrome blooms en mass, daffodil bulbs on stones, orchids in a large bath and a living herb box


Room 2 
Inspiration: Soft Classics & African Naturals 

Here we used eucalyptus en mass and an aloe with exposed roots a in glass vase. The exposed aloe is such a great touch and only requires water every few weeks. Submerse the entire plant in water for an hour, drip dry and return to its vase - so easy!

Room 3
Inspiration: Botanical Library

Cymbidium orchids are in season at the moment, they only flower once a year but the flowers last for a few months, especially if you get one that has 3 or more stems.

We were also inspired here by tropical levels and opted for a leaf selection - we used strelitzia, aspidistra, philodendron, anthurium and delicious monster leaves. They last a surprisingly long time when cut, so long as the water is changed regularly. 

Room 4
Inspiration: Winter Music Studio

Calla lilies or zantedeschia are in season at the moment and I managed to snap up some deep purple ones up to enhance this warm winter wonderland.

Room 5
Inspiration: Classic School Colours 

Kingsmead is a school with traditional values and a modern application and for this room I opted for something classic with a modern twist. It is the season for stocks and they filled the room with their sweet scent.

Life in bloom!

The FlowerChild